Lucky Uduikhue, Managing Director/CEO

Lucky Uduikhue, Managing Director/CEO of Data-Point Microsystems Limited. He is also the founder Nigeria Youth Initiative for Better World International and the Executive Director of other establishments and The Contact Business and Sports Magazine. His exploits as a young Nigerian has distinguished him f.rom his peers. He studied Computer Science at the University of Lagos and graduated in 2004 and proceeds to India for Information and Communication Security. While in school, he was busy nurturing his training outfit – Data-Point Computer Institute in Lagos.

He took the pains to combine his studies with the business venture that catered for his educational demands and other needs. On graduation in 2004, Lucky did not wait to suffer the pains of being in the Nigerian labour market, which many graduates go through. Rather, he focused on his computer training mandate, which has today expanded into many branches across the country after twelve years.

That was not enough to satisfy his longing for becoming a successful entrepreneur as he later expanded his quest and business ambition into publishing and today owns Contact Sports and ExpertEdge Academy Ltd and other businesses ventures that have made him a self made man. Uduikhue revealed that Data Point Institute, a subsidiary of Data-Point Microsystems Ltd started IT training in September 2000 and officially opened for business in December 2001. It was incorporated as Data-Point Microsystems Limited in 2003.

Uduikhue, He is a member of the African Council of Chief Executives (African CEO Council) and also serves on the Executive Board of Directors of the African Millennium Development Fund (the African Fund) and the African Human Rights and Democracy Fund (AHRDF), all Non Governmental Organization

In his professional career as information, communication and technology expert, Lucky Uduikhue is Computer science graduate of University of Lagos, Certified Ethical Hacking, Certified Cyber and forensic Investigator and Certified Information Security Analyst and Master Science (M.Sc) from EC-Council University India. Also a member of the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM), and the Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN) In addition; he is a member of Alumni Fate Foundation, Member, Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship (FGBMF), Sport Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN), Fellow Nigeria Institute of Brand Management (FIBM).