Data-point Business Solutions in conjunction with our parent company DATA-Point Microsystems Limited provides solutions Entrepreneuring Training, Consulting and purchase and delivery of IT infrastructure with Sales and supply computer (Laptop & Desktop) and accessories.

computer accessories


In today's business corporation, the increasing openness and globalization of the economy have made it clear that to compete in the global business environment, business must be able to leverage information technology effectively at all levels of the organization, to fulfill their immediate and long team strategic objectives.
DATA-POINT pursues its vision of connecting you to the perfect world of your own not just by delivering professional training, but also providing value added support services to reduce workload. We are your one-step IT Solutions provider that is poised to help you achieve IT service satisfaction, stay ahead of competition and achieve your organization goals.

  • Laptop & Desktop Computer systems
  • Server Systems
  • Printer Inks and Toners
  • Survallance Camera & Devices
  • Solar Panels, Batteries, Inverters and Controllers
  • Ellectrical Devises
  • Vehicle tracking devices
  • Biometric, Access Control and FIre Alarm systems
  • etc

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