How Does a Solar Energy Work?

solar The layman’s answer is they absorb the sun’s rays and converts it to electricity but the process is not as simple as people may think but to understand how a solar panel works we need to understand the main ingredient that solar panels have which is called a photovoltaic cell or PV cell for short. It functions as the converter of the sun’s energy into electricity.

A complete solar power pack is made of the following

  • Panel
  • Battery
  • Regulator
  • Power inverter
  • Product Management
The solar panel converts sunlight into DC power or electricity to charge the battery. This DC electricity/(charge) is controlled via a solar regulator which ensures the battery is charged properly and not damaged and that power is not lost (discharged). DC appliances can then be powered directly from the battery, but AC appliances need a power inverter to convert the DC electricity into 220 Volt AC power. Training available on solar installation and maintenance, cost N20,000. Discount of N5,000 if paid before training date.