Data-Point Telecoms Technologies Certification

About the Data-Point Telecoms Technologies Certification

Data-Point Telecoms training provides an overview of the past and modern telecom industry concept, technologies and trends. Explore the telecom landscape from standard and Protocol to Premise, Access, Signal-lining and transport and convergence technologies.

  • Understand the communication industry structure , how it is changing and how it affects competition.
  • Comprehend the basics of Voice and Data communications technologies
  • Understand the difference between analog and digital transmission
  • Understand the components of voice networks
  • Understand the basic traffic engineering
  • Understand Ethernet, MPLS & IP
  • Understand XDSL, Cable Modems and wireless Technologies
  • Understand what is happening in Voice/Data/Multimedia convergence
  • Understand Voice Over IP (VOIP)
  • Explore Optical Networking Technologies
  • Explore wireless Technologies
  • ApllybestPracticesto deploy convegence network.

Data-Point Telecoms Technologies Certification Course Outline

  • Inter-Networking on CCNA
  • Transmission Engineering
    • VSAT Installation, Configuration and Assembly
  • Introduction to optical Fibre

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